Edited by Robert V. Rakestraw  (Sept. 1, /2016)

Why in the world would a dying woman be laughing so hard?


“The happiest person I have ever seen in my life was a dying woman. As she was dying she clapped her hands in joy. She even joked, ‘I am literally being tickled to death.’ Many were converted by her bedside, including her own son. When the people had gone, I knelt beside her bed. I could not pray for her. She had everything, including death, in her possession. But she could pray for me. She kept her hand on my head and prayed that I might preach the Gospel of Joy in the face of life and death. [Yes,] I have been ordained [by my church]. But the mightiest ordination I have ever had was not by a bishop, but by a dying woman. When I stand up to preach, I can feel her hand upon my head, ordaining me to preach the Gospel of Joy in spite of life and death.—October, 1972, Sat Tal.”

From longtime missionary to India E. Stanley Jones, The Divine Yes (Abingdon, 1975, p. 145). The above quotation may be found, along with other articles and essays by Dr. Rakestraw, on his website/blog, gracequestministries.org, where you may sign up to receive in your e-mail regular postings such as the above at no cost to you, and where you may order his books GraceQuest and Heart Cries. You may write Dr. Rakestraw at bob@gracequestministries.org .