In the spring of 2015, after his spiritual-theological autobiography, GraceQuest, was published, retired seminary professor Bob Rakestraw founded the Christian service organization, Grace Quest Ministries (GQM).

Bob had a heart transplant in 2003 that, due to serious complications following the surgery, resulted in his early retirement from teaching in 2005 and his being placed in hospice care for most of 2007. Instead of bringing him home, however, God led Bob to write a little book on prayer, Heart Cries, and to start two blogs, “The Benediction Project” and “The New Benediction Project.” The two blogs are no longer interactive, but continue to offer numerous articles to visitors. Bob then started GQM, which he is able to direct from home, with the assistance of his wife Judy and GQM webmaster Mark Colestock.

Grace Quest Ministries focuses primarily on the preparation and publication of biblically-grounded, grace-oriented materials, whether these are published online or in print format. Bob’s intention is that these materials will, in time, include some pieces written by others–especially servants of God who are now in glory –in addition to his own contributions. There may also be links to special sites whose purposes are in harmony with those of GQM.

The materials on this site are offered for the overarching purpose of bringing people nearer to the all-satisfying God of the Bible. “Bringing people nearer” includes both a fuller cognitive understanding of this admittedly mysterious Creator and Lord of all, as well as a deeper personal experiencing of this grace-full relational God.

For those who visit this site and make use of GQM materials, it is Bob’s hope and prayer that, whether visitors are Christian believers or not, their contact with items on this site will lead them to genuine and ongoing peace with God through Jesus Christ, and to gracious and habitual outreach and service to fellow travelers on the road of life. In addition to this vertical, loving, right relationship with God, and this horizontal, loving, serving relationship with others, it is Bob’s longing that there will be, for each visitor, an increasingly intimate, God-saturated experience of inner contentment, purpose, hope, and joy through living day by day in communion with the one true God.

The foundational beliefs and convictions of GQM are in accord with the major orthodox statements of historic Christianity. We affirm, without reservation, the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible, the eternal trinitarian Godhead of Father, Son, and Spirit, and the way of salvation by grace through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. We also believe that this message of the cross must be proclaimed to all people on earth, for their salvation from sin and despair in this life and for their eternal delight with God in the life to come.