GQM Update. 9-8-15

Welcome to September! And welcome to Grace Quest Ministries. This is Bob Rakestraw, and I am happy to report that, little by little, GQM is emerging and moving forward.

It was four months ago that this ministry was born. On May 6, the day after I received my first copy of GraceQuest (my latest book), the idea for GQM came to me. Because I sensed that this thought might be from the Lord, I began to inquire of God and others about some possibilities. That was then and this is now, and I am grateful to God for bringing GQM to this point.

My greatest concern, every day, is to attempt to discern what the Lord is doing–and longing to do–through this ministry. I have no interest in doing my own thing. As some of you know, I have serious health problems that allow me little time and energy for ministry, or for much of anything outside of the daily routine.

Because I desire to devote every available piece of time to matters of eternal significance, I want to be sure I am moving along with God rather than writing and doing things and then asking God to bless them. I’d much rather seek God at the beginning of each effort than to ask him to give his stamp of approval when I’m done.

Right now, my high-quality webmaster Mark and I are working to make some aspects of the website (and GQM in general) as helpful as can be, given the slowness with which I must proceed. We are now on Facebook, and the little “f” at the top right of the website will link you to the Facebook page.

I really dislike the thought of “promoting myself,” and I refuse to think of my work that way. But I am always excited about promoting Jesus Christ and spreading the good news of the kingdom around the world. Thank you for your interest and prayers! God bless you richly today and in the days ahead!

Please note: If some part of the website or Facebook site is not working smoothly, please send me a message, using the email address on the GQM website at “Contact Us.” I will greatly appreciate any suggestions to improve this ministry.