Greetings to each of you who may wish to be informed, from time to time, of happenings with Grace Quest Ministries (GQM). This organization was begun in the spring of 2015 to promote the kingdom of God by seeking to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) in the spirit of the Great Commandment (Mt. 22:34-40). In other words, GQM exists to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness in the spirit of love: love for God and love for neighbor. Our primary means of doing this is through grace-full publications, whether these are online or in print format. Because I (Bob Rakestraw) am mostly homebound, due to serious health complications since my 2003 heart transplant, I have prayed and searched for ways to serve God until he calls me home. One big answer to this search is Grace Quest Ministries!

I am sending this brief update to inform you that GQM exists, and that you may check out the website (still under construction, but available) at:

On the website you will find the GQM mission statement, free articles to download (mostly, at this time, from my previous two blogs), and how to contact us and become a subscriber/follower of GQM. There are no fees of any kind. Because of my health limitations I intend right now to publish only two items a month: an essay on some issue/aspect of the Christian life and a brief GQM update such as this you are now reading.

I have no desire to flood your inbox with materials! But I do long to offer support for life’s journey with insights from the Word of God and my own (always growing) base of knowledge and experience. This is something I can do from home, yet I may—with God’s strength and direction—reach literally the ends of the earth. I invite you to subscribe. There is no commitment of any kind and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you for reading this, and know that I will value you participation. It will encourage me for sure, but even more it will—potentially—benefit people everywhere (whether believers or unbelievers) in their quest for the grace of God.

In our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ,

Bob Rakestraw
Founder and Director, Grace Quest Ministries