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Where Are the Rakestraws?

Where Are the Rakestraws? Ponderings, No.8  (June 14, 2018) Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Early in March, 2018, Bob and Judy Rakestraw and Grace Quest Ministries (GQM) moved from Minneapolis to Phoenix. The GQM International Headquarters has a new address: 3033 E. Thunderbird Rd., #1056, Phoenix, AZ  85032. Their email address remains the same: They […]

The Rakestraws Are Moving South! Ponderi...

The Rakestraws Are Moving South! Ponderings, No. 7  (February 6, 2018) Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Where are the Rakestraw’s Moving? Judy and I will be moving to Phoenix on March 4. Since early September, 2017, I have known that a major change was in our near future. Worsening health for both of us (Judy’s Alzheimer’s […]

Some Beautiful Things

Some Beautiful Things “God is the only uncreated beauty. Although he is beautiful beyond description, we do well to ponder some of the qualities of our great God.” Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Originally published on  Decmber 30, 2010 at “The Benediction Project” I’m sick and tired of ugly—anything and everything ugly. I’m sick of violence, war, famine, […]

Faithful is the Lord – Ponderings No 6

FAITHFUL IS THE LORD! How would you answer this question, adjusting for your age?  Ponderings, No. 6  (Oct. 18, 2017) Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Recently my wife and I received an important booklet in the mail and we pored over it immediately. It is a spiral-bound collection of memories and updates from our former classmates […]

Love 50 Years- Ponderings: No. 5

Love 50 Years Are long marriages really happy marriages? Ponderings, No.5 (Sept. 25, 2017) Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Founder and Director, Grace Quest Ministries Professor of Theology Emeritus, Bethel Theological Seminary Where go the years? How can it be over 50 years since Judy Kay Engevik and I were joined in marriage at Our Savior’s […]

50th Anniversary – Ponderings, No. 4

50th Anniversary  What Makes a Marriage Last? Ponderings, No. 4 (July 22,2017)   Just a brief word here of deep gratitude to God and to my wife Judy for 50 years of marriage! We were joined together on July 22, 1967, at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. God has been […]

God, Gays, and Grace – Ponderings 3

God, Gays and Grace What does Gay Sex have to do with God’s Grace? Ponderings, No.3 (May 28, 2017) Robert V. Rakestraw This month’s “Ponderings” is a very difficult piece to write and post because the attached article concerns such an extremely controversial topic: homosexuality. Until about two years ago I never thought I’d be […]

If I Should Die – Ponderings, No. 2

If I Should Die What is faster than your fastest internet, yet is absolutely free? Ponderings, No.2  (March 20, 2017) Robert V. Rakestraw The question came to me recently: Which one statement or expression best sums up the deepest longing of my heart at this time in my life? I had just received news that […]

Why I Am Hopeful for 2017!

Why I Am Hopeful for 2017! Ponderings, No.1 (Jan. 22, 2017) Robert V. Rakestraw Welcome to “Ponderings,” a new category of articles for the Grace Quest Ministries website. These pieces will be more personal than the items posted under “Urgent Words for Apocalyptic Times.” My tentative plan is to post something at least once per […]