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Honoring Bob and Judy

Hi! My name is Scott, Scott Volltrauer. During the fall of 2019, Bob and Judy invited my wife and me to join them in their home. That week we recorded some precious times of Bob reading excerpts of his writings.* Later that week, we gathered with some family members for lunch. Bob and those gathered […]


We now consider, finally, The Eternal Self for the people of God. This glorious, culminating phase of existence for every redeemed man, woman, and child will begin just after the great judgment and will never end. It is as certain as – far more certain than – tomorrow’s sunrise and the wetness of rain, because […]


This is the fourth segment of our series on what is called “the self” – who and what a person is at their core. You and I are unique selves, as are all who live, and have lived, on the earth. We exist individually, even though we are part of a certain cultural milieu that […]

WILL THE DEAD RISE?  How Many Selves Are

This is the third installment of a series on “the self” – the identity, character, or essential qualities of a person. Each of us is a “self,” and we move through the years of life as a unique person. There has never been, nor ever will be, another you! Others on this planet may be […]


This is part two of a study of the human “self”: the identity, character, essential qualities, and total “being” of a person. The self is who one “is” at their core, first of all materially (bodily) but also, as time passes, who one is as a developed human being: body, mind, will, emotions, relatability, likes […]

How Many Selves Are There?

Recently, my wife’s 95 year-old mother went to be with her Lord in glory. Judy’s much-loved mom, Blanche Engevik, was a faithful, delightful, and unselfish servant of God. Judy is the second of eight children, all still living, who miss their mother greatly, but rejoice in her homegoing. Blanche’s passing led me to think about […]


Ants Are you willing to challenge the status quo, step out of the Ant column, and move with the assurance and joy that God gives? Robert V. Rakestraw, PhD Originally published on January 2, 2013 at “The Benediction Project” There is an image I have had in my mind for many years, and I am glad for it. […]

Some Thoughts for the New Year

Robert V. Rakestraw December 28, 2015 As we begin a new year I invite you into my thoughts, with regard to both thanksgiving for the old year and hope for the new. My thoughts have been all over the map lately, literally, concerning the joys and sorrows among the peoples of the world, near and […]

Beautiful Things

I’m sick and tired of ugly—anything and everything ugly. I’m sick of violence, war, famine, human trafficking, disease, rape, materialism, injustice, idolatry, hunger, rage, lying, adultery, greed, loneliness, grief, self-hatred, addictions, corruption, senseless noise, and a thousand other evils! Here I want to focus on beauty. The Oxford American Dictionary defines beauty first of all […]

God’s Mouth

Job 23:10-12    GraceQuestMinistries        What is your mouth? What is my mouth? Sometimes when I think of my mouth I consider it to be just a hole in my face, surrounded by lips. It is such a hole, but it is not just a hole. Our mouths are so much more than moist caverns […]