Our Mission

The mission of Grace Quest Ministries is to promote the kingdom of God through the preparation and distribution of biblically-balanced, grace-infused Christian publications. These materials, either online or in print format, are intended to guide those –both Christians and non-Christians– who are on a quest for meaning in life, toward a daily, life-giving understanding and experience of the grace-full God revealed most fully in Jesus Christ. This mission flows from our conviction that the deepest spiritual need, and greatest joy, of people everywhere is to draw – and be drawn by grace – increasingly closer to Christ throughout their lives, through ongoing repentance and faith, worship, and deeds of justice and mercy.


Robert Rakestraw (PhD, Drew University) is Professor of Theology Emeritus at Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He is co-editor of the widely-used textbook set, Readings in Christian Ethics, and author of Serving by the Spirit and Heart Cries. An ordained Baptist minister, he has served as pastor of two churches. In 2015 he founded Grace Quest Ministries and currently serves as its Director.  He lives with his wife Judy in Spring Lake Park, MN.

Endorsements for GraceQuest, the Book.

“GraceQuest does not sentimentalize the lifelong journey through suffering and disability. But its rawness mediates the divine grace sure to touch and transform the hearts of many readers, even as its authenticity will encourage those who find themselves in similar circumstances.”
–AMOS YONG, Professor of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Rakestraw tells the story of his life, his response to God’s call and empowerment, and his preparation for the perilous journey of dependence on another’s heart beating in his chest. He writes well, with candor and solid self-reflection . . . It is a compelling read, even for those who do not know this gentle man characterized by wisdom, grace, and purpose.”
–GEORGE K. BRUSHABER, President Emeritus, Bethel University